Fortnite Leak Reveals Upcoming Rhythm Mode Featuring Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, and More

Fortnite is in the thick of its OG Season, which means fans are diving back into the battle royale’s older maps and reliving the nostalgia from its early days. However, developer Epic Games continues to work on what’s coming next, as Chapter 5 is set to launch next month. While Epic hasn’t given us a complete picture of what to expect from the next phase, leaks have started to pop up giving players a good idea of what’s on the horizon. The latest leak claims that Fortnite players will soon have a brand-new “music mode” called Rhythm Mode, which will incorporate several of your favorite artists.

This leak comes from Hypex on Twitter. You’ll want to take it with a hefty dose of skepticism, as you would with any leak, but Hypex is generally reliable. They have previously leaked all kinds of Fortnite content, so this is much more likely to be legitimate than some other leaks we’ve seen in the past.

In the tweet, Hypex says there is an “upcoming music mode (with collabs)” and claims players will “be able to play vocals, guitar, drums, bass (solo or team) with free rewards.” However, the more exciting part of the leak is that the mode will feature songs from some of the most famous musical artists and bands in the world.

UPCOMING MUSIC MODE (With COLLABS) ? — Fortnite are working on a Rhythm Mode called “Festival” that has Casual & Comp. You’ll be able to play Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass (Solo or Team) with FREE Rewards. [Found by @itsUnreleased]

Releases on December 9th, and SO FAR it has…

The tracklist for Fortnite‘s Rhythm Mode will likely grow as we get closer to its launch. That said, you’ll find the currently speculated tracklist below:

Again, make sure to take this with a grain of salt, but Hypex claims that the Rhythm Mode is coming to Fortnite on December 9. There is quite a bit of new content coming to Fortnite over the next few weeks, so it’s possible that date could shift around. After all, Epic will first need to start Chapter 5 with a brand-new drop of skins and a map. Plus, there’s the long-rumored Lego mode that’s set to launch at some point soon.

Either way, Rhythm Mode shouldn’t be in the waiting room too much longer unless something drastic changes. Hopefully, we get a few more additions to the set list over the next few weeks as we near the December 9 release date. Fortunately, even if Epic takes some time to make further announcements, there’s still plenty to do during the OG Season while you wait.


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