My Hero Academia Reveals All For One's Horrific Origin Story

My Hero Academia may have tons of heroes on hand, but these days, its top villain is the one center stage. Thanks to the manga, all eyes are on All For One as we’ve see the Demon Lord make his final stand. Creator Kohei Horikoshi has never shied away from the villain’s worst sides, and thanks to a new update, we have been informed of All For One’s horrific origin story.

The update comes with the debut of chapter 407 this week. My Hero Academia posted an epic flashback chapter, and it is dedicated to All For One. As the villain fights Bakugo in the present day, My Hero Academia chapter 407 takes fans into the past. We get to see how All For One and his brother were brought into this world… and it is pretty upsetting.

It turns out the twins were born to a single sex worker who did not know she was pregnant. In the womb, All For One stole all the nutrition his mother was taking in which wasn’t much to start with. He also took it from his younger brother in utero, so that explains why Yoichi was born so sickly.

The birth of the twins killed their mom, and All For One began his psychic reign immediately. The boy began feeding from his mom’s corpse, and All For One used his powers of absorption to grow stronger. After all, All For One inherited a quirk from his mom well before superpowers were common in the world. And with this power, well – All For One sucked the life out of countless civilians. Eventually, All For One began taking quirks from others once these powers became commonplace, and the villain did so with a horrific blank look.

Of course, All For One kept his brother close at hand in all of this. The older brother took care of Yoichi because he liked possessing others. Obviously, that mindset is downright toxic, but it is one of the least upsetting things we saw in All For One’s backstory. That just shows you how twisted the villain was growing up, so it isn’t surprising All For One became an absolutely ghoulish villain.

My Hero Academia chapter 407 proved All For One was rotten from birth, and Horikoshi gave no recourse for the boy. Unlike other villains, All For One has zero redemptive qualities. He is truly the embodiment of evil as All Might said long ago. And as My Hero Academia carries on, it will fall to Izuku to snuff the man out for good.

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