Halo Series BTS Shows Pablo Schreiber's Intense Master Chief Workout

A new video has been released to show how Pablo Schreiber became Master Chief in the Halo TV series. When it comes to blockbusters, it comes with a lot more than just a healthy paycheck. It is an intense physical gauntlet that often requires the actors to train rigorously to not only be able to meet the standards and expectations for the production, but to achieve the look of the character the actor is portraying. This is a massive ordeal for superheroes, but Pablo Schreiber recently learned what it takes to truly become Master Chief without the help of physical augmentations.

In the Halo universe, Master Chief stands at 6 foot 10 inches and 287 pounds without armor. He’s also fictional, so the creators can say whatever they want and it doesn’t really matter. When he’s brought into live action, that does carry a certain weight, however. A new behind the scenes video shows how Pablo Schreiber transformed into the Spartan. Schreiber noted that he was 6 foot 3 inches and 145 pounds in high school, making him a naturally skinny person that has difficulty putting on weight and muscle. Nonetheless, this video shows his immense determination to be worthy of Spartan armor. The actor stated he had to consume 5,000 calories with a specific mix of carbs, fat, and protein to achieve the desired results.

In this week’s #HaloTheSeries Declassified, @schreiber_pablo took us through the training he went through to become Master Chief. Full episode on Facebook. pic.twitter.com/IRMX6oLSvk

Schreiber seems to have put in the work to earn the name of Master Chief. Although the Halo series is making an effort to show a side to Master Chief that fans haven’t really seen before, Schreiber’s passion and understanding of the character shines through. The series has already received a mostly positive reception from both fans and critics alike, which is really saying something given the state of video game adaptations. Paramount also confirmed that the Halo series had a record-setting debut on its platform, dethroning Yellowstone spin-off 1883 as the previous record holder. The studio has already greenlit Halo season 2, but there is no release date or production start date for it yet.

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