My Hero Academia Brings Dabi's Worst Injury Alive in New Art

Dabi has been one of the most terrifying villains in the history of My Hero Academia, with his history tying him to the family of Endeavor and Shoto Todoroki. With the latest chapter of the manga unveiling the true terror of Dabi’s injury that he seemingly sustained when he was a child, one fan artist has given readers a look at the villain’s new visage in color, proving that the hot-headed antagonist is now sporting his grimmest aesthetic to date.

Without going too far into spoiler territory for the events currently playing out in the manga, the end of the latest chapter sees Dabi’s injury fully revealed that he seemingly received as a child. With Endeavor and his family believing that Dabi was dead as the young hothead attempted to be his father’s favorite, leaving behind a part of his jaw in the process, it seems that whatever fake body part was used to fix Dabi’s appearance has been burned away thanks in part to the extreme heat he is exuding in preparation of fighting his youngest brother. As the world of hero society hangs in the balance, this family feud is set to definitely be a determining factor.

Fan Artist AMBLUMIA shared a new colored recreation of the scene in which Dabi’s scars are seemingly fully revealed, making the member of the League of Villains look more terrifying than ever before as the son of Endeavor and brother to Shoto prepares to reveal new hints as to how he became a villain following his departure from the Todoroki Clan:

MHA349 ‘His Masterpiece’
I’m not hearing you Dabi fans out. I’m not. #mha #bnha #MyHeroAcademia #BokuNoHeroAcademia #dabi

Dabi’s story is definitely a tragic one considering the torment that the Endeavor Clan had to undergo as the head of the family was looking to create strong heroes to one day overcome All Might and his legacy. With Dabi not having a combination of Quirks that reflected the powers of his father and his mother, he has since been able to harness his Quirk to fan a blue flame that can burn anything in his path, though it seems he isn’t completely free from suffering from the heat himself.

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