Horizon Forbidden West Players Warn of Game-Breaking Issue

Horizon Forbidden West apparently has a game-breaking issue that prevents players on PS4 and PS5 from 100 percent progress. Horizon Forbidden West had some bug and performance issues at release, and some of these problems persist. The biggest of these problems might be this progression blocker though. Guerrilla Games released a new Horizon Forbidden West update this week — Patch 1.08 — but it did not fix the issue involving the Apex Sentry Scrounger, which is not spawning in the game’s open-world, and thus remains unscannable. This isn’t a problem impacting every player, but many players have reported the issue, which prevents playing from getting a 100 percent completion rate.

The creature is designed and intended to spawn in a cauldron at night. The problem for some players is if the cauldron was completed during the day, it’s missing. Meanwhile, for others, it’s just flat out not spawning. If this happens, you will finish the game with a maximum of 99.08 competition rate.

At the moment of publishing, there’s no word of when this problem will be fixed, but it should be soon. Thankfully, while it prevents players from getting a 100 percent completion rate, it doesn’t get in the way of the Platinum Trophy, which is what players will care about more.

Horizon Forbidden West is available via the PS4 and PS5. For more coverage on the PlayStation exclusive — including not just the latest official news, but the latest rumors, leaks, and speculation — click here.

Horizon Forbidden West, by most counts, is another strong release for Guerrilla Games and PlayStation,” reads a snippet from our review of the game. “This is very much a sequel that just looks to go bigger and better than its predecessor, and in that regard, it very much achieves what it sets out to accomplish. Although I wanted more from the story and the game’s general structure is very much the same when compared to Zero Dawn, fans who loved the last title should still love the adventure that this follow-up takes you on.”

H/T, PlayStation Lifestyle.


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