Lin-Manuel Miranda Reveals He Turned Down Hosting the Oscars

By Charlie Ridgely
The Oscars are officially going to have a host in 2022, but Hamilton creator and Encanto songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda won’t be the one taking job. The Academy and ABC are still searching for a host for this year’s awards, which will be presented on Sunday, March 27th. After opting for host-less ceremonies for the past three years, the Academy has confirmed that the 2022 will once again have a master of ceremonies. Given his theatrical roots and immense popularity, many have thought that Miranda would be great for the job. While he may be a fit, Miranda has no interest in the gig, having already turned it down in previous years.
While talking to People about the success of his Encanto soundtrack (which continues to dominate the charts), Miranda was asked about potentially hosting the Oscars this year. He was quick to say that it wasn’t the job for him.
“I have said no in the past. I really don’t think that that’s my skillset. It’s not something I’m comfortable doing, hosting, mainly because I’ve been lucky enough to work with incredible hosts,” Miranda explained.
“I’ve written for Neil Patrick Harris, I’ve written his opening numbers and closing numbers for the Tonys. That is a whole other thing,” he continued. “He is genius at that, he and Hugh Jackman. I actually don’t think… that’s not something I feel confident in.”
Miranda went on to say that he’d definitely be willing to work with the host in a more behind-the-scenes role, if the option were available, as he did for Harris at the Tonys.
“I’m happy to write for the host, but I don’t know that… I wouldn’t feel comfortable hosting,” he said.
The 2019, 2020, and 2021 Academy Awards ceremonies went without hosts, an experiment that became more of a necessity with the pandemic. The last two years have seen sharp declines in viewership for the Oscars, which has helped in creating a need for a popular host that will draw a crowd. Actors like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Spider-Man star Tom Holland have seemingly been on the Academy’s wishlist, but it doesn’t appear either one of them will be taking the job.
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