Mario Party Superstars Gets First Update of 2022, Patch Notes Released

Mario Party Superstars released on Nintendo Switch back in October. The game got a day one patch, but has received nothing since. That’s pretty atypical these days, but a new update is now live, bringing the game up to version 1.1.1. Sadly, there isn’t anything too significant in this update, but it does include a number of bug fixes for a handful of minigames, as well as some improvements for the online features. Hopefully these changes will make for a more enjoyable experience for players! Full patch notes from Nintendo’s official website can be found below:

Ver 1.1.1 (Released March 22, 2022)

For those unfamiliar with Mario Party Superstars, the game features boards from the original Nintendo 64 entries, as well as minigames spanning the history of the series. For longtime Mario Party fans, the game has proven to be a welcome blast from the past, but fans have been hoping to see more classic content released as DLC. At this time, Nintendo has made no announcements about extra content for the title, but today’s update shows that the company hasn’t completely forgotten about the game. For now, you can check out all of our previous coverage of Mario Party Superstars, including our review, right here.

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