My Dress-Up Darling Fan Channels Marin in This Lovely Cosplay

By Nick Valdez
One awesome My Dress-Up Darling cosplay has brought Marin Kitagawa’s own Shizuku-tan cosplay to life! The Winter 2022 anime schedule is now halfway through its run, and the cream of the crop for the season has risen to the top as fans have picked the shows they will be sticking with until the end. While this includes a number of huge blockbuster sequels and anime debuts, one of the more surprising adaptations that has taken off with fans over the last few weeks is the anime adaptation of Shinichi Fukuda’s original manga series, My Dress-Up Darling.
My Dress-Up Darling has really taken off as fans have been introduced to who will probably be the standout “best girl” of the year overall, Marin Kitagawa, who’s obsession with the “Slippery Girls 2” erotic game is what ultimately fuels her drive to cosplay. The fifth episode of the season allows her to live her dream of bringing her favorite character Shizuku-tan to life thanks to the help of Wakana Gojo, and now that cosplay has come full circle with a full-on recreation from artist @minnexcos on Instagram! You can check it out below: 
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My Dress-Up Darling has been such a success that even the manga has been increasing its own sales figures as fans flock to it to see what is next to come. It’s too early to tell whether or not the series will be returning for a new season, but it’s already such a fan favorite that one seems very likely. If you wanted to check out the anime’s run so far, My Dress-Up Darling is now streaming with Crunchyroll and Funimation (where you can also find the English dubbed release). They officially describe the anime as such:
Wakana Gojo is a high school boy who wants to become a kashirashi–a master craftsman who makes traditional Japanese Hina dolls. Though he’s gung-ho about the craft, he knows nothing about the latest trends, and has a hard time fitting in with his class. The popular kids–especially one girl, Marin Kitagawa–seem like they live in a completely different world. That all changes one day, when she shares an unexpected secret with him, and their completely different worlds collide.”
What do you think? How are you liking My Dress-Up Darling’s anime run so far? How are you liking Marin Kitagawa as a main heroine? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments! 
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