New Netflix Game Show Has Viewers Stressed Out and Furious

Netflix fans are absolutely stressed out by a new game show on the platform. People watching Is It Cake were furious at the real-life manifestation of 2020’s biggest social media craze. That’s right, Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day hosts a Netflix cooking show where bakers make cakes designed to look real. Then the judges try to guess which one is real: the object the cake is based on or the cake itself. It’s a whole lot of fun to watch, but also infuriating because of the quality of the cakes. If anyone remembers how silly the memes got in 2020, imagine that with an actual production budget. Netflix’s TUDUM talked to executive producer Dan Cutforth about the show. He confirmed that social media provided the inspiration.

“That’s exactly how it came about. Like everyone else, we were seeing those social media posts and were entertained by them. Then we literally brainstormed the show,” Cutforth revealed. “On the very first call, Jenn Levy [VP, Nonfiction at Netflix] just loved it, and next thing you know, we’re doing the show. So, it came together incredibly quickly and unusually so.”

Is it cake on Netflix has me stressed everything looks so real ?

“We’ve done a lot of cooking and baking shows over the years, and this hit a lot of what tends to work about those kinds of shows, particularly baking. It’s very visual and it requires a great deal of accuracy — a stressful amount of accuracy,” he continued. “All of that together feels like a good basis for competition. Having also had the experience of creating Nailed It!, which came about through very similar inspiration, we knew that something like a grabby social media phenomenon, if you can build the format in the right way, can translate really, really well.”

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is it cake is the most incredible and unhinged new show on netflix and no one is talking about it?!?!!

What I want is to forgo sleep and watch every episode of “Is It Cake?” on @netflix but I learned my lesson from watching all of “Nailed It” at once and then being sad, so I’ll allow myself little a Cake episodes… as a treat.

Found a new show on @netflix called “is it cake?” and I am constantly wanting cake ALL. THE. TIME.

The only thing that sucks about this show is the host. He’s annoying af. Other than that, it passes the time.

Is it ramen, or is it cake? Toronto cake artist April Julian is a contestant on a new Netflix show called “Is it Cake?” releasing on Netflix this Friday.

there’s a show called ‘is it cake’ on netflix? ppl have to cut down random food items to check if they’re cake or not ?

Hi Gay Twitter(TM) plz watch me on Is It Cake? tomorrow on Netflix! There are silly hats.

Is It Cake on Netflix is a great show if you want to know if a thing is cake. Because sometimes it is cake, but sometimes it isn’t.

I knew it was only a matter of time. There’s a new series on Netflix called: “Is it cake?”


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