One-Punch Man Reveals Garou's New Team Up Power

One-Punch Man showcased why Garou’s surprising new team up is working so well against even the strongest monsters! The Human Monster saga has reached the climax of the fights between the Hero and Monster Associations, and the final fighters have been struggling to take down each of the monstrous threats. Things have started to take a turn in the right direction with the recent string of chapters, however, as both Saitama and Garou have started to put in some major work against these new threats. All the while Garou continues to grow in strength through his monsterization abilities.

Following his monstrous transformation, Garou has finally gotten back control over his mind and body and has thus started to fight for his own purposes. Rather than blindly taking on the heroes, he has now turned his attention to taking out the monsters first and ended up working together with the one hero who has had the most interactions with him so far (outside of Bang and Bomb), Metal Bat. As its revealed in the newest chapter of the series, their team up is actually a surprising benefit to the both of them.

Chapter 156 of One-Punch Man picks up right back with the fight against the newest Centipede threat as both Metal Bat and Garou failing to break through the centipede’s shell. Despite how strong each of their respective abilities are, the two of them failed to take down the centipede so far. But when the escaping civilians are squarely placed in danger once more, the two of them were able to push on even more. Their stubbornness to not only take down this monster at any cost, but not work with one another actually created a surprising synergy.

It’s explained that while they don’t want to work together, Garou and Metal Bat’s attacks are so similar that they combined into new kinds of moves. It would resonate with one another to amplify their respective explosive power as Metal Bat would be strengthened by Garou, and Garou would get stronger as a result. The two of them are essentially evolving through this team up and thus gives Garou a much needed window for victory as the chapter comes to an end.

What do you think? How do you feel about seeing Garou working together with Metal Bat? What do you think it means for Garou’s future as a hero hunter? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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