Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Boston Scott Becomes Pro Rocket League Player

By Logan Moore
Philadelphia Eagles star running back Boston Scott has now made history as a two-sport athlete. Within the past day, Scott signed a contract to become a professional Rocket League player for the esports organization Dignitas. While there have been a number of athletes in the past that have played in two different sports leagues (Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, etc.), Scott is the first athlete in history to now be signed to a Rocket League team in addition to being on the active roster of the Eagles. 
As a whole, Scott’s status with the Dignitas Rocket League team will see him serving as a substitute player, meaning that he won’t regularly play for the pro team unless he needs to fill in at some point. Like many other esports deals that we often see, though, Scott will also be serving as a content creator for Dignitas. This means that he’ll likely appear in some of the content that the organization releases in an official capacity in the future. To go along with this, Scott’s own streams on Twitch, YouTube, or elsewhere will also be sponsored by Dignitas. 
Our Rocket League team just became more stacked. 💪

Welcome to @DignitasRL, @BostonScott2 – the first two sport NFL and Rocket League pro!
Although he might just be a sub for Dignitas at the moment, that doesn’t mean that Scott’s Rocket League skills are any less diminished. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Scott currently has the rank of Grand Champion within Rocket League, which means that he is among the top .52% of players in the game. Given that millions upon millions of people still play Rocket League regularly to this day, this is quite the feat from Scott and shows his prowess in the game. 
Perhaps the most impressive thing about Scott’s achievement here is that he has simply found a way to excel at both football and Rocket League at such a high level. This is something that is always endlessly impressive with two-sport athletes, but for Scott to somehow make the time to be great in both of these endeavors is something that most people could only dream of. Whether or not Scott ends up seeing actual playing time in a Rocket League match for Dignitas in the future remains to be seen, but this achievement is pretty astounding all the same. 
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