Raya And The Last Dragon Reveals Disney Visual Development Art

By Aaron Perine

Raya and the Last Dragon‘s Visual Development team just gave fans a look at what went into making the Disney movie. On Twitter, they posted some screen grabs from the world of the film. The link the social media team posted led to an interactive walk through making Raya‘s distinct locales. Fans of the animated feature can learn a lot about how Kumandra took form. As with most Disney Animation Studios. The kingdom lived in peace until things went sideways. A lot of the dragons of legend didn’t make it and it’s up to the heroine to unite the kingdom. Take a look at Disney’s post down below.
The account wrote, “Explore the five lands of Kumandra and discover design details from the world of #DisneyRaya: April Liu, Mehrdad Isvandi, Mingjue Helen Chen.”
Explore the five lands of Kumandra and discover design details from the world of #DisneyRaya: https://t.co/faRCSqWqxR 🎨: April Liu, Mehrdad Isvandi, Mingjue Helen Chen pic.twitter.com/ogz6BnxhyH
“Explore the distinct lands of Kumandra and meet the characters who call each land home. Through visual development art and peeks behind-the-scenes, learn how the artists and storytellers at Walt Disney Animation Studios created the world of Raya and the Last Dragon. Borders were drawn, and Kumandra was divided into five lands: Heart, Tail, Talon, Spine and Fang, all connected by the vital Dragon River.
Comicbook.com got to interview Raya director Don Hall about how this story ended up resonating with audience. The pandemic ended up syncing up pretty easily with the events of the movie. 
“You’re absolutely right. There’s no way we could have predicted it,” Hall explained. “But we were certainly aware of it and, in fact, to a point where we actually shifted some of the dialogue of the film and the language in the film to not be that specific. I mean, we were always referring to the Druun as viruses before the pandemic. And then the pandemic hit and it was like, ‘I think this is hitting a little too close to home maybe and it could also be perceived as if we’re somehow being opportunistic because of the pandemic.’ But we were certainly eerily aware of how that was mirroring real life because we were living it. We were living it with being on lockdown. We were living it with friends and family who got COVID. So, it was very top of mind, I will say, during the whole course of making this film.”
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