Pokemon Fans are Celebrating Mewtwo's Birthday

Today is February 6th, which marks a special occasion for fans of the original Pokemon games. No, it’s not the anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green, but it does mark the birthday of the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo! In the original Game Boy game, Mewtwo was cloned from the DNA of Mew in a lab on Cinnabar Island. By the time the player arrives, the lab is in ruins, but there are several journal entries that can be found regarding Mewtwo’s creation. One entry reveals that February 6th is Mewtwo’s birthday, and fans across social media are celebrating the Psychic-type!

Even as the Pokedex has reached over 1000, Mewtwo has remained one of the franchise’s most beloved Pokemon. While a big part of that is owed to the main Pokemon games, the character’s role in various media has also helped. Pokemon: The First Movie gave the character a tragic backstory, as well as one of the most iconic quotes in the history of the franchise. Given all of that, it’s easy to see why Mewtwo continues to find such a passionate following after all these years.

Keep reading to see what Pokemon fans are saying about Mewtwo!

Happy birthday Mewtwo pic.twitter.com/5in27AwOWV

happy birthday mewtwo pic.twitter.com/sZ2bfaLLsL

Happy birthday #Mewtwo pic.twitter.com/YsayQUgv73

Happy birthday mewtwo! pic.twitter.com/gE8vHLxEH5

Happy birthday Mewtwo ??? pic.twitter.com/Y8tDU8UsPS

Happy birthday Mewtwo ?
I only have old art, but he’s always been one of my fav pok?mon and a fun one to draw in general ?#Mewtwobirthday

/3rd art is a c0mmissi0n/ pic.twitter.com/JerbHHu0Gj

Happy birthday Mewtwo! pic.twitter.com/fo89bxo3P9

Happy birthday, Mewtwo. The circumstances of your birth may not have been happy, but we’re all happy you were born. ??? pic.twitter.com/ozWmCbVqSs


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