PS5 Adds Long-Awaited Feature Then Quickly Removes It

By Tyler Fischer
Yesterday, Sony seem to surprise PlayStation fans with a long-awaited PS5 feature out of nowhere. And it did, however, the feature has since been removed, well, for some. At the time of its release, there was no word from Sony about it, suggesting its addition was a mistake. Since then, and since the removal, there’s still been no word from Sony, seemingly confirming this suspicion. That said, if the feature was accidentally released early, it’s likely because its official rollout is imminent. 
If you missed it, yesterday the PS5 was mysteriously updated with the ability to view and download screenshots and clips directly through the PlayStation app. Not long after this, some PS5 users began to report that the feature had seemingly been removed. That said, making the situation stranger was that while it was removed for some, it wasn’t for others. In fact, at the moment of writing this, some PS5 users still have access to the new feature, though it remains to be seen for how long.
Sony have finally added the ability to view and download screenshots and clips directly through the PlayStation app! #PS5
It’s currently unclear what is going on. That said, the feature is completely functional, which is more evidence that its official rollout is imminent, which likely means a larger PS5 update is imminent. For now, though, take everything here with a grain of salt like you would any leak. 
As always, we will keep you updated as the situation evolves. PlayStation is unlikely to comment on this self-inflicted leak, but it should have some type of formal announcement soon. Whatever the case, the story will be updated accordingly as updates come in. 
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