Tobey Maguire Speaks Out on the Brotherhood and Elegance of Spider-Man: No Way Home

By Nicole Drum
For Marvel fans, getting to see Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield all come together as different versions of Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home was a thrilling moment, one that they’d been hoping for and speculating about long before the film actually arrived in theaters. And while seeing all three Spider-Men was huge for fans, it was meaningful for the actors themselves. Maguire explained in an interview on the official Spider-Man YouTube channel that there was something amazing in how the film brought together 20 years of Spider-Man movie history across the actors’ three franchises and that there was both an elegance and a brotherhood to the experience.
“I’ll say I remember being on set and it was I believe our last day Andrew, and it was really amazing, and I had the awareness of this, you know, the 20 years of history, but looking at Amy [Pascal] and Kevin [Feige] and realizing that they’ve been there through all the different iterations, and it was really powerful,” Maguire said.  “Just personally it was powerful for me to be working with Andrew and Tom and powerful in a legitimately moving emotional way, and then to witness Amy and Kevin and consider their journeys through all the films it was it was really impactful. I was just grateful every day. It was such a rich experience and, as the guys have touched on, the kind of sharing of something and the brotherhood of it, it was just so rich, emotional and I don’t know I’m not like sitting there conceptually thinking about that all the time, but I would have moments where that kind of stuff would hit me.”
He went on to say that for him, the day-to-day experience of the film was itself a beautiful “unfolding” and that particularly the ending of the film and its implications for Holland’s Peter had a beautiful and elegant touch.
“Day to day, it was just a beautiful kind of unfolding of this story and these relationships so I was more just like in that on the day-to-day, but I’d have these like reflection moments which were quite powerful and elegantly woven ultimately because you’re thinking about taking 20 years of history and revisiting that and how do you balance all of these things and each of our kind of series of films,” he said. “We’re playing the same character but they’re also unique and the way those films and characters evolved in those films are unique and then to bring all of that together including all of our super villains and all of that it was pretty wild to witness the immensity of all of this history coming together and being put into this stand-alone worthwhile story. And I too just wanted to say with the coda of the movie I was really touched emotionally but also, I just thought it had such a sweet elegance to it like that was so amazing and I agree in terms of the origin story and the kind of coming of age or you know Tom your character is stepping into this different kind of maturity and responsibility, and all done with this like really sweet sad elegant touch. It was just beautiful.”
Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters.
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