Ric Flair Has Injury Updates on Both Randy Orton and Andrade El Idolo

Ric Flair covered a variety of topics on the latest To Be The Man Podcast, including the status update on two wrestlers he has plenty of history with — Randy Orton and Andrade El Idolo. Both are currently out with injuries as El Idolo has a torn pec while Orton has been out of action since May with a back injury and recently underwent spinal fusion. While Flair seemed optimistic about “The Viper” returning to action, he didn’t have that same energy for his son-in-law.

“And you know, it’s to be determined. I don’t know that, I know that’s a very sensitive tear, it was a bad tear. So he’s going to be out a while with it,” Flair said (h/t Inside The Ropes).

Regarding Orton, Flair said, “I talk to him all the time. Yeah, I asked him and talked about his surgery because I didn’t think he wanted me to share. But yeah, he’ll be back better than ever. There’s a look of a great wrestler, look at him, he just looks good. I mean, he carries himself very [well] I think him and Roman would be huge. I think him and Cody would be huge. There’s some really big matches…”

Recent health updates regarding Orton, aside from Flair’s comments, haven’t been particularly optimistic. But Orton has claimed as early as this year that he plans on wrestling for quite a bit longer.

He discussed his retirement plans back in January while on The Ringer Wrestling Show — “I’m 41. By the time I’m 50, I think I’m done. But I’m not like, I’ll do auditions every once in a while, but I almost only do them because my wife says ‘oh do them, because what if you don’t? Then you’ll wonder what if you did.’ So I do auditions here and there, crossing my fingers that I don’t get a callback because I love what I do. I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to have to stop, because of my body. So I’ve taken it upon myself to make sure I’m doing everything I can on the daily that physically I’m able to continue. But if it was up to me, and I knew physically it wouldn’t be a problem, I’d say I’d wrestle until I’m 50 years old. And I would go out and have that last match when I’m 50 and be able to say I did it on my own terms. That’s 9 years from now. But I don’t see an end to my career any time soon. I’d like to continue to go.”


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