Rick and Morty Season 6 Makes Morty a King in Newest Episode

Rick and Morty is now rounding out the final two episodes of the sixth season, and Episode 9 of Season 6 took Morty on a medieval knights adventure! The sixth season kicked off with the surprising promise that not only would we get to see more attention paid to the overall lore of the series, but that each of the characters would be going through their own periods of growth as they adjusted to a new status quo following the events of the fifth season. But noticeably, this has meant a lack of fuller Morty stories beyond what we saw in the first two episodes.

Morty might have largely taken a backseat through the events of Rick and Morty Season 6 so far, but Episode 9 had rectified this by putting him dead center in the midst of a new adventure that he really didn’t want to be a part of. But as fans know well enough by now, that was really the first hook in what turned out to be a major penultimate episode. Here’s the breakdown of everything important that happened in “A Rick in King Mortur’s Court”:

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