Robert Pattinson Recalls The Batman Audition In George Clooney's Batsuit

The Batman is bringing a brand new Batman and Batsuit to a fresh cinematic franchise and the approval rating for the costume worn by Robert Pattinson seems to be quite high. The same can’t be said of all Batsuits. For example, George Clooney‘s Batsuit is often subjected to jokes because it has some distinct features like… rubber nipples. As it turns out, Pattinson’s audition for The Batman was in Clooney’s outfit from 1997’s Batman & Robin movie and it was quite an experience for several reasons.

“It was incredible,” Pattinson told of wearing Clooney’s Batsuit. “I mean, I remember when I was doing the screen test, because it was really fun and it was really, really long. I mean, I literally did a screen test in it for about eight hours and the entire time was just pouring sweat so much with Matt [Reeves] saying, “‘What can we do about this sweat?’ I’m like, ‘There’s nothing to be done. The only way past this is not drinking any liquids.'”

Pattinson has long wished to portray Batman but was unsure it would ever become a reality. The sweaty audition certainly wasn’t upping his confidence is playing the part. “I remember sneaking a little selfie in it when everyone left the room thinking, if this doesn’t work out… I’ll always have this,” he said in harmony with a laugh alongside his The Batman co-star Zo? Kravitz. “I’ll always have a picture of me and my nipples!”

As the story goes, Pattinson landed the gig as the next Caped Crusader. Though he has only completed one film so far, a sequel is already in the earliest stages of development and Pattinson has his ideas about what he’d like to explore with Bruce Wayne. “There’s things like in the animated movie, Mask of the Phantasm, which I really liked,” Pattinson explained. “Bruce, he’s choosing to be Batman but he also feels like he has no choice but to be it. It’s a burden and curse as well as everything else, so it kind of creates this tension between him.”

In The Batman, Pattinson explained that there is a strong disconnect from Bruce Wayne and Batman as more of one calls for less of the other. “Throughout this movie, the more he leans into being Batman, he thinks he has to,” the actor said. “He thinks it’s the only way he can survive his present but the more danger he brings to everyone around him. He thinks it’s an altruistic decision but at a certain point when everyone starts getting hurt around you, it’s like, you have to decide is this a selfish thing? What good is he doing? And there’s always this tension between him. Selina, as well, they have this burgeoning relationship. I’m sort of looking forward to this tension where you think, ‘Is my purpose to be connected with other people and have somewhat more of a norma existence or is my purpose being Batman?”

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