WWE's Brock Lesnar Demolishes Roman Reigns' Security in SmackDown Brawl

Tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown concluded with the contract signing between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, and after Reigns asked for some acknowledgment from the crowd, Heyman went on a spiel about this match being bigger than ones featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and more. Then Lesnar came into the ring and had some words for Reigns and Heyman. Lesnar said “Mister Acknowledgment and Mr. D***, allow me to introduce myself as your new Reigning Defending Heavyweight Champion of the world Brock Lesnar. I am very impulsive. If you think for one second that these skidmark security guards are going to keep me from kicking your ass and your ass, you’ve got another thing coming.”

“You see the only thing that is keeping me from kicking your ass is Brock Lesnar and this contract. You see I’m going to sign this contract and at WrestleMania, I’m going to kick your ass and your ass and you bet I’m going to get paid for it,” Lesnar said.

Lesnar then went to sign the contract and when done he threw it over to Reigns. Heyman went off on him and said he was upset at his disrespect. He then said the match won’t be a unification match because he won’t be the Champion because he is going to lose the title at Madison Square Garden.

Reigns then signed the contract and it was official, and Reigns grabbed the mic. “You must be confused farm boy. That title, that’s my title, and you don’t even realize it because I’m going to smash you at WrestleMania. And it’s not even your fault bruh, because this is my ring. This is my show. This is my cameraman. These are all my people because they acknowledge me. These two right here, they work for me. This commentary team is mine because they brag about me. That sign is mine, because I am WrestleMania. I am this show. I run this show and everybody works for me. Including the security in the ring with you.”

Then the security surrounded Lesnar and he went off, slamming people all over the ring, throwing them into the turnbuckles, and dishing out German Suplexes. He then used a table to clear out several guards at once, and after the ring was cleared Reigns looked upset and distraught while Lesnar looked more confident than ever.

You can find the official description for tonight’s WWE SmackDown below.

“The Beast comes to the blue brand to make his Winner Take All Championship Unification Match against The Head of the Table official for WrestleMania, new Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn hold a special celebration and more. Don’t miss all the action of SmackDown, this Friday at 8/7 C on Fox.”

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