Seven Daring Dwarves Definitively Answers Who’s the Fairest of them All

Seven Daring Dwarves puts an interesting spin on a fairytale classic. This adult interpretation of the timeless tale puts Snow up against her evil stepmother in a big-breasted battle to see who’s really the fairest of them all.

It all starts when Snow tries to escape her stepmother, only to end up lost in the woods, where snow stubbles upon a group of seven dwarves. Clearly longing to interact with a beautiful woman, the dwarves didn’t hesitate to take Snow in and let her spend the night.

After eating an apple that was unknowingly poisoned and left by her evil stepmother, Snow awakes with gigantic breasts and a raging libido. Excited to make use of Snow’s newfound assets, Snow and the seven dwarves commence in an orgy of seven-way action that makes Snow’s stay in the woods truly worthwhile.

Once the stepmother sees Snow’s new boobs and the endless action she’s enjoying with the dwarves, she realizes her plan with the poisonous apple didn’t go anything like she expected. Trying to compete with her brat of a stepdaughter, the stepmother tries an apple herself, only to find the results to be remarkably different than what she intended.

That is, until the next morning when she wakes up with breasts to rival the beautiful Snow. Now armed with gigantic boobs and a chip on her shoulder, the evil stepmother confronts Snow, sparking a clash of the big tittied titans that will be one for the ages.

Once again, J.J. McQuade impresses with an engaging story that blends intriguing characters, compelling plot points, and vivid sex scenes with effortless style. Complementing the words of McQuade, N. Toscani brings imaginative and enthralling artwork that makes Seven Daring Dwarves a must read.

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