Spells R Us: Dream Girl is a Captivating Adventure of Fulfilled Wishes and Unintended Consequences

Spells R Us: Dream Girl tells the story of Elizabeth, an overweight high-schooler that wants nothing more than some attention from Mark, the star QB of the school’s football team.

On her quest to attract Mark, she stumbles into Spells R Us, a mysterious little shop that’s run by a cunning old wizard. He offers Elizabeth a lust potion that promises to make her appear to Mark as the girl of his dreams.

While the potion seduces Mark as promised, it brings with it a number of unintended consequences that are wildly entertaining, yet tragically unfortunate for Elizabeth.

The potion not only makes Elizabeth the girl of Mark’s dreams, but it rewrites her entire life story as if she’s always been the object of every man’s sexual yearnings. It also leaves her appearance and actions under complete control of Mark’s desires, though he doesn’t even know that he holds such power.

Now armed with a slim waist, gigantic breasts, and an insatiable sex drive, Elizabeth tries to adjust to life as the complete opposite of what she’s always been.

Besides having all the heart pounding, libido pumping, spine tingling sex that she couldn’t get before, she manages to cause a boob-induced car accident that spawns unexpected legal ramifications that reverberate throughout Century City.

Elizabeth also discovers that she has an interesting career that’s truly befitting her newfound gifts. To make things even more entertaining, her boss is her now wildly successful best friend that used the same potion to a more fulfilling effect.

Overall, Spells R Us: Dream Girl is a riveting read with a compelling plot, titillating sex scenes, and engaging characters. The combination of Anonymoose’s story and Portalcomic’s art is sure to put you under a spell of its own.

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