Spider-Man: No Way Home Costume Designer Talks Tobey Maguire's New Spidey Suit

When Tobey Maguire slips back into the classic red-and-blues for Spider-Man: No Way Home, the original Spider-Man suit gets an upgrade: zippers. The 46-year-old actor is back in the iconic Raimi-verse suit with the raised silver webbing for the first time since Spider-Man 3 in 2007, but gone is the spandex one piece from 2002’s Spider-Man. For his multiversal crossover with the Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) and the Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Tom Holland) in No Way Home, Maguire took a new suit for a spin — a recreation of the classic look from director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

“Tobey’s Spider-Man had to completely be redone because the suit was absolutely falling apart, because it was done in 2001 technology,” costume designer Sanja Milkovic Hays says in a Spider-Suits featurette that has surfaced online. “We put zippers in a slightly easier position, so we made it a little bit more comfortable and easy to take off. It was very funny when [the Spider-Man actors] were talking to each other and each of them was jealous of the other one’s [suits].”

Costuming the three Spider-Men was “an incredibly precise process,” says Hays, whose credits include Captain Marvel and 1998’s Blade. “Every costume has many pieces. Most people are just [like], ‘Oh, they’re unitards.’ It’s so much more than that. It’s the question of staying true to what it was in the previous movies, and yet make it appealing to the audiences of 2021.”

Hays adds of the Spider-trio with their own unique looks, “They’re different. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man [suit] is way darker, his physique is different, he’s much slimmer and lengthier. Tobey, the original Spider-Man, it’s different colors, the web is silver, the muscles have been defined in a different way.”

In a previous interview, Maguire revealed how it felt suiting up as Spider-Man for the first time in nearly 15 years:

“It was uncomfortable getting it on, and then it’s a goof, and then it also has a sort of a power in a sense because it brings me back into that character,” Maguire said. “It really does, there’s so much affinity for this character, it means so much to so many people, that once the goofiness of being in lycra or spandex goes away, you’re like ‘Oh wow. This is cool. This is a responsibility but a blessing, like something that I get to do that I’m grateful for.”

The featurette and more than 80 minutes of special features are available to own when Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into digital (March 22) and 4K UHD (April 12).


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