Spider-Man: Tom Holland's Body Is Fake for Half of No Way Home

Believe it or not, Tom Holland‘s body is entirely fake for half of Spider-Man: No Way Home. While filming the project, Holland was originally supposed to be wearing the red and black suit he first donned in Spider-Man: Far From Home for the final chunk of the threequel. One thing led to another, however, and the nanotech-infused Integrated Suit was born.

Because it was so late in the production process, however, Tom Holland’s body had to be digitally recreated using the updated suit.

“About halfway through the film, Peter gets the nanotech back from Doc Ock, right. He cures him, and it comes off of his arms and it creates this hybrid suit over his, whatever it was he’s wearing in Happy’s condo, right? But that idea of that came with all after shooting,” Digital Domain’s Scott Edelstein tells us.

Edelstein is one of the VFX supervisors on the Oscar ballot for No Way Home’s Best Visual Effects nomination. He’s sharing the honor with NKelly Port, Chris Waegner, and Dan Sudick.

“They had shot essentially half of the entire movie with him wearing this black and red costume that now wasn’t correct to him getting that nanotech. So almost half of the film, his body from the neck down is completely CG and hopefully nobody knows,” Edelstein adds.

From the moment Peter Parker (Holland) gets the nanotech in Happy’s condo, Holland’s body is entirely computer-generated using a digi-double.

“The entire thing with Aunt May where he’s holding her and interacting with her, and then the third act stuff, with them coming up with all the cures, and the whole fight at the Statue of Liberty, his body of CG the entire time, which is pretty crazy,” he concludes.

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