Spy x Family Drops a Big Stella Star Update

Spy x Family is keeping itself busy even without its anime on the air. While fans await season two and the show’s first film, all eyes are on the manga. After all, creator Tatsuya Endo puts out updates weekly, and his most recent post gave fans a major Stella star update.

What could it be? Well, it looks like a slew of them were just awarded. The manga just wrapped its recent mini-arc with an award ceremony, and it honored the first-year students who kept calm during their class’ hostage crisis.

So yes, that does mean Anya Forger has another star to her name. The heroine now has two Stella stares as she earned the first some time ago. That was shortly after news came around she saved a drowning boy at Loid’s hospital, and we all know Anya was satisfied with the win.

As for the other recipients, Becky Blackbell was gifted her first Stella star for helping out. Damian Desmond got his own as well, and Bill Watkins from Wald Hall was gifted a star to boot. With all of these tallied, it seems Anya is still leading her year when it comes to stars, but there is plenty of time left for those odds to change.

Of course, Anya also has the most bolts of her year. The girl earned her first shortly after school began when she punched Damian in the face. With two of each badge to her name, Anya is certainly making a name for herself at Eden College. But if she is lucky, she will keep her bolts to a minimum moving forward… but probably not.

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