Super Bowl 2023: Diddy Brings Back Classic One-Hit-Wonder Songs for Uber

Uber recruits Diddy to resurrect some “one-hit-wonder” songs in a new commercial for the Super Bowl. The music producer and executive is the featured player in an Uber One Big Game spot, which plays on his history of putting out hit record after hit record. This time Diddy is joined by other performers from the past, who music fans will undoubtedly recognize one their tunes start to play. While a section of audiences tune into the Super Bowl for the game, a large amount just want to see the newest commercials. Companies pay a hefty sum to get a minute-long Super Bowl commercial, and Uber’s looks to be money well spent.

“Uber One is the one membership that saves you on Uber and Uber Eats. To tell the world, we made ‘One Hit for Uber One.’ With a little help from Diddy,” the Uber One Super Bowl spot is captioned. After Diddy originally refuses to make a “jingle,” he is told it’s going to be a hit single instead. That’s when we’re greeted by Montell Jordan singing an Uber-version of his iconic “This Is How We Do It” inside the booth. Kelis and more familiar faces also make appearances in the ad.

Ben Stiller returns as his infamous character Zoolander in a new Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. The actor’s Pepsi commercial “Great Acting or Great Taste?” sees Stiller trying to help audiences see through the illusions of Hollywood, in a discussion of whether or not people can actually discern reality from great acting. Along the way, Stiller jumps in and out of character in some clear callbacks and/or correlations to his own career – and Zoolander is, without a doubt, the star of the show. As he should be.

The references in Ben Stiller’s Pepsi Super Bowl commercial include an action-sci-fi wink at his role as vain action Tugg Speedman in the satire comedy Tropic Thunder (2008); some of Stiller’s more serious dramatic turns; plus some good-natured references to other actors like Matt Damon in The Martian (with a dash of Star Wars), or Leo DiCaprio in The Revenant.

As stated, however, Zoolander is the character that Stiller no doubt leans on most heavily in the ad. After a brief appearance in the montage of movie spoofs, Zoolander ends the Pepsie Super Bowl spot by doing a (funny? Cringe?) drop of his signature catchphrase, calling Pepsi’s Zero Sugar “really, ridiculously, good-tasting.”

The Pepsi Zero Sugar marketing campaign has put the “Great ACting or Great Taste?” campaign at the forefront, with a Twitter-ready slogan that goads consumers into trying the product. Does Pepsi still taste as good with zero sugar in it? Taste and find out…


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