The Big Bang Theory Star Reveals Gross Detail About the Show's Set

By Nicole Drum
The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019 after 12 seasons and now, series star Kunal Nayyar is opening up about one of the behind-the-scenes secrets of making the popular sitcom, including one gross detail. During an appearance on the British television program Sunday Brunch (via The Independent), Nayyar, who played Raj Koothrappali on the series, explained how they filmed scenes that showed the characters going up and down stairs, revealing that co-star Johnny Galecki had a specific spot he’d put his chewing gum during filming.
“The way it works is you go down the stairs and then they yell, ‘Hold’,” Nayyar explained of the stairs on the set that went “nowhere”. “They change the scenery from like if the apartment says 1a it suddenly says 2a or 3. They change the set, so it looks exactly like another floor.”
He continued, “You run back up the stairs, that go nowhere, and then you walk back down as if it’s a new floor. Down there is nothing. There’s a wall there where Johnny Galecki, for 12 years, would stick his chewing gum on. I’m not joking. So, if any of you are Johnny Galecki fans and you want his dried chewing gum, I am sure it’s for sale somewhere on the internet. Welcome to Hollywood.”
That’s an interesting, albeit kind of gross detail, but it’s just one interesting tidbit about the show that has come out since it ended its run nearly three years ago.  Another interesting detail about The Big Bang Theory was released in the bonus features on the Complete Series box set which revealed that Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny, had auditioned for the original series pilot but didn’t get cast. At the time the show’s female lead was a completely different character named Katie (originally played by Amanda Walsh). The character was ultimately retooled and became Penny
“I had actually auditioned for the original pilot, and I did not get cast,” Cuoco said. 
Fortunately, they eventually called Cuoco back to read for Penny.
“Chuck called a year later and said, ‘It’s a new character, we want you to come in,” Cuoco said. “I read for it, and it just felt so much better than it did the year before. I guess it was just meant to be.”
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