The Boys Version of Wolverine Revealed in New Series

By Spencer Perry
Earlier today Amazon Prime Video released the full trailer for The Boys: Diabolical, the upcoming animated spinoff of the hit TV series which tells all-new stories within and inspired by the universe of the show. It was previously teased that some of the stories would be canon with the live-action show, and one of the stories that may potentially be canon is one that introduces The Boys version of X-Men character Wolverine. As readers of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson know, an entire story arc was dedicated to parodying the X-Men and their hilarious version of Wolverine, known as Groundhawk, just made his debut for The Boys TV show.
Though shown very briefly, Groundhawk appears in a few shots and appears to be voiced by John DiMaggio (Bender on Futurama and Jake in Adventure Time). Much like his comic book counterpart, Groundhawk has sledgehammers for hands, a hilarious riff on Wolverine’s adamantium claws but does done his signature hawk mask, which harkens to the iconic look not only of Wolverine but Hawkman. It remains to be seen if the animated Groundhawk is among the canon stories in Diabolical but there’s plenty of potential for a bananas character like this in the world of The Boys.
In the pages of The Boys comic books, Groundhawk was depicted as being mentally unwell, speaking only with the phrase “gonna…gonna…” He was one of the “G-Men” characters in the series as well, an analogue to the X-Men, who will be the basis for the upcoming live-action spinoff of The Boys that’s in the works from Agent Carter showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters. Could Darkhawk appear in that series? Possibly, and when you think abut it, John DiMaggio is a good fit for the character in live-action and animation.
Another thing worth mentioning is that the most recent The Boys comic book, The Boys: Dear Becky, which functioned as part sequel/part prequel, actually revealed that Groundhawk previously had claws like Wolverine but was disfigured by The Boys (specifically, The Female) and as a result was given his hammer hands.
The Boys Presents: Diabolical will be released on Prime Video in full on Friday, March 4 featuring episodes by Awkwafina, Garth Ennis, Eliot Glazer and Ilana Glazer, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, Simon Racioppa, Justin Roiland and Ben Bayouth, Andy Samberg, and Aisha Tyler. 
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