The Breast Expanding Remote Control is Back in Remote Chaos — Hello Baby!

The great William Pratt has returned and he brought the polyversal remote with him. A long-awaited follow-up to Remote out of Control, Remote Chaos — Hello Baby! picks up right where Pratt left off, only this time the remote lands in the unsuspecting hands of one-year-old Bobby.

With nothing to lose, or to gain for that matter, Bobby the toddler starts pointing the remote with reckless abandoned, setting off a number of lust-filled reactions.

While Remote out of Control showed what happens when the remote is handled irresponsibly, Remote Chaos illustrates what transpires when the remote’s handler has absolutely no comprehension of right and wrong.

Possibly the most interesting part of Remote Chaos is its exploration of relationships and the perceptions that people hold about them. This point is particularly well made by the babysitter who yearns for her boss while she’s jealous of his wife, thinking he’s only with her for her big tits and money.

At only one episode into this series, Pratt has the characters positioned for a riveting, yet emotionally revealing ride. Beyond the story’s shirt-popping breast expansion and vivid sex, there’s a gentle touch of psychological examination that builds a connection with each character, without ever using more than a few well-crafted words.

J.J. McQuade’s art makes every page unforgettable, perfectly pairing voluptuous bodies with expressive facial expressions that bring the emotions of each scene to life.

Though readers of Remote out of Control will gain particular appreciation for what unfolds in Remote Chaos, new readers can jump right in and enjoy this new story all the same.

Check out Remote Chaos at Then, read Remote out of Control to see what the remote was up to before Bobby found it.

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