‘Walking Dead’ Season 6 Midseason Finale: Three Loose Ends to Tie Up (includes episode seven spoilers)

So far, season six of The Walking Dead has been a rollercoaster of intertwining plots, all taking place in a couple of days. While we got closure on the Glenn storyline in the last episode, there are still a number of balls in the air, and they may all hit the ground on the midseason finale.

Though the past has proven that The Walking Dead writers will go entire seasons without giving a payoff, the quick Glenn reveal and the intense midseason trailers make me think everything may come to a head in the next episode.

While there’s still too much going on to cover it all in this article, these are the top three conclusions I hope we get in the next episode.

3 Loose Ends to Tie Up

1. The walkers at the gate. After being set in motion in episode one, the hoard of walkers will finally overrun the walls of Alexandria. With the tower falling and taking out an entire section of the fence, the worst fear has been realized and it’s unlikely everyone will survive the onslaught.

2. Everyone outside of Alexandria. Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham are at the office; Glenn and Enid are trying to get back home; the Wolfs are still alive and prowling; while a new group, probably The Saviors, has emerged in the forests not far from Alexandria. While it would be a big boost to Alexandria if their survivors made it back, the rival groups could take advantage of the mayhem and attack when the community’s most vulnerable.

3. Carl and Ron. Right before the tower fell through the walls, Ron was about to shoot Carl in the back with the gun Rick gave him. At this point in the comics, Carl takes a stray bullet in the eye during the frenzy of walkers that infiltrated Alexandria. The show tends to follow the comics while twisting stories to incorporate characters exclusive to TV. Considering that formula, it makes sense that Ron would be the one to shoot Carl.

Let us know what you’re looking for in The Walking Dead season six midseason finale. Then check it out this Sunday on AMC.

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