This Viral Anime About a Condom Superhero Is Surprisingly Great

Anime is one of the biggest mediums in entertainment, so of course, it can be a mixed bag. There is the good, the bad, and then there is the weird. In fact, it is the strangest anime that goes viral these days, and that is being proven true yet again thanks to a wild commercial. After all, safe sex is something everybody should know about, and a condom-loving superhero is ready to teach netizens all about it.

Yes, we are serious. Condom Battler Goro Revive is back, and the hero has some wise words to share about safe sex in his new promo.

The promo, as you can see above, comes from Okamoto Industries in Japan. The condom maker has rolled out Condom Battler Goro Revive in other ads, but this latest looks very different from the rest. After all, the anime has traded in its old ’80s aesthetic for something much sleeker. So if you did not know any better, you might think this ad was an actual show on air today.

This new promo follows Condom Battler Goro Revive several years after his last commercial aired. He is tasked with stopping a rogue organization named SPARM from ridding the world of condoms, so all GOMU agents are sent to stop the group. The groups have some wild fights, and GOMU agents are tasked with convincing random citizens why carrying condoms isn’t anything to be ashamed of. This is brought to a head when our hero Goro is faced with a dark copy of himself, one who is filled with total embarrassment over condoms. And given their differences, the pair choose to fight.

Things are only resolved when Goro’s love interest relays a fact about themselves we did not know. A scene cuts in showing Miku regretting a night of sex since no condom was used. This revelation fuels our Goro to defeat his dark self, and the two-part ad ends with an emotional moment between the hero and Miku.

While this ad might sound wacky on the surface, it is pretty impressive to see such effort go into a PSA for all accounts. Safe sex is an important issue, and all consenting adults need to be able to discuss it freely without shame. It is a couple’s right to choose how they conduct their intimacy, and if this promo helps some navigate those waters, then Okamoto Industries has done something right.

What do you think of this commercial pitch? Do you think this PSA works in the end? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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