Valiant is going to the metaverse for an NFT drop

There’s a drop next week featuring Punk Mambo
imageValiant’s publishing output has been pretty modest of late – three titles in January – but they are going big in the digital space. At least that’s seemingly the message of a press blast this week that heralded the arrival of an NFT drop set to take place on January 26th. A teaser trailer for the drop was released on Imgur which the internet tells me should embed itself below but if it didn’t here’s the link.
The first character to be featured will be Punk Mambo, however this character NFT drop will be the gateway into the future of Valiant’s revolutionary play-to-earn game where collectors will be able to interact, engage and earn together in the Valiant Metaverse.”
Perhaps the rest of the PR will explain more:
A galvanized passionate community brought together from all over the world is eager to join the Valiant Universe in an immersive way that only Web3.0 can enable. Valiant is spearheading the future of this experience featuring their most beloved and iconic characters in a profound journey through the metaverse where collecting and gaming meet.
Driven by a community-first approach, Valiant will welcome fans and newcomers alike with a revolutionary invitation into a new medium of transformative storytelling. Fans will unite as they play, collect and earn together in an all-new platform accompanied by an official dedicated Discord channel to help players enter the Valiant Universe.
To launch their debut into the metaverse, Valiant will be unveiling a 3D Genesis Mint Pass token granting access to the first season of character NFT drops [with an exclusive bonus yet to be revealed], set to launch January 26th, on the Ethereum blockchain. The digital collectibles will bring fans closer than ever before to the creators, characters, art and worlds they love by opening the doors to a truly immersive Valiant universe. 
While billing itself as a thought leader dabbling in multi-dimensional space, visitors to Valiant’s NFT page are encouraged to find out more on Twitter and Discord, two very Web 2.0 platforms.
Shorter: everyone is jumping on the NFT bandwagon, which seems to entail all kinds of buzzwords and expansive worldbuilding goals, as well as gamification and potential moneymaking at some point. Valiant does have a very passionate fanbase, however commenters in the Valiant Fans Facebook group were mostly confused or indifferent to the news. But surely somewhere, someone is excited. 
Thanks for the synopsis at the end. The PR dispatch did not make sense to me, and my lack of interest in researching the terms made me feel old.
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