WWE Makes Major Change to NXT Star in SmackDown Dark Match

There have been a host of NXT call-ups to SmackDown over the past week, and there is apparently one more that might be happening very soon. That would be Mr. YEAH himself LA Knight, a fan favorite in NXT currently, and the star appeared in a Dark Match ahead of tonight’s episode of SmackDown. If you feel it’s odd that I said appeared in and not wrestled in, well, I have some possibly bad news for you, as it appears WWE has made a major change to him. In the dark match, Knight was working as a manager and sporting a full suit ensemble, and he was managing a similarly revamped Mace (via NoDQ).

Mace’s new look was similarly stylized, as he wrote a suit jacket, green shirt, black pants, and sneakers paired with some sunglasses, a much different look than his Retribution gear. It seems that is set to be pushed to the past never to be seen again, and if this current team-up holds, Mace will have one amazing wordsmith accompanying him.

Knight is one of the best talkers in the business, which is part of why fans were so excited to see him mix it up on Raw or SmackDown soon. Unfortunately, a previous report indicated that WWE had plans for him as a manager and not a wrestler, but honestly, that could always change. I mean MVP came back as a manager and he eventually suited up again, and if Knight ends up clicking with the crowd (which he most likely will), WWE might work in a storyline that eventually allows him to jump into the ring.

LA Knight is fantastic in the ring and on the mic, so while it’s great that he’s moving to Raw or SmackDown, I do hope that we see him in the ring at some point during that run, otherwise it will certainly be a missed opportunity by WWE. Then again, he could end up becoming another Paul Heyman level goldmine that you can partner with just about anyone, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think of Knight’s new look? Let us know in the comments!


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